Page builders should ease your WordPress experience – not turn it into a struggle

A while back, we noticed that WordPress page builders have something in common: a lot of them were a little frustrating to work with.

And what was even more frustrating was that it we knew didn’t need to be that way.

Our team wanted to provide a solution to lessen the popups and distractions that slow down your content creating, a plugin that would make for a more efficient page building experience.

So in 2016, we launched Page Builder Sandwich, a user-friendly, intuitive, front-end page builder. Through Sandwich’s evolution, different needs arose from users — and our vision kept expanding.

This is why we’re releasing Frontly, the next step in our evolution.

Other wordpress page builders

PBS Version 1.0

PBS Version 2.0

PBS Version 3.0

PBS Version 4.0

Frontly Builder 1.0

Page Builder Sandwich’s evolution shown through the Elements Inspector (Later called the “Add Element Tab” as of version 4.0)

What you get with Frontly

Frontly has Page Builder Sandwich’s core features: an ultra-smooth interface that’s fast and intuitive, and one that offers all the features you need to turn your kick-ass website into a reality.

1. Intuitive interface.

We’ve always believed very part of the interface should be easy to understand and work with. Your user experience is our top priority.

This is why we’re giving Frontly a smoother look, further lessening distractions and popups so you guys get a more stream-lined page building experience.  You spend less time trying to figure out how the interface works, and spend more time creating awesome things.

2. Inline text editing.

Just like with Page Builder Sandwich, Frontly provides you with inline text editing. This means you can add, copy, and paste text directly into your content area, just like in Microsoft Word of Google Docs.

This way, you can design your websites in a distraction-free, pop-up-less content area.

3. Design like a pro, even without experience

With Frontly, we’re releasing more customizable templates, both full-page landing templates, and section-only templates. You’ll also be able to save and re-use your designs.

You’ll definitely be able to build professional-looking websites without shelling out for designers and developers.

4. Public API

Aside from being user-friendly, Frontly Builder is developer-friendly as well. Use our APIs to build custom elements, custom templates or even a new editor for specialized content.

We’re at the final stages of development!

While we’re crazy excited to show you guys what we’ve come up with we wanna make sure everything is just right for you.

Leave us your email to get first dibs on updates!

Final note: Did Gutenberg have anything to do with this?

Kind of.

We’ve tried out Gutenberg a little after we began work on Frontly, and it was through this that we had the opportunity to further solidify our message: We’re a WordPress builder that operates on true front-end.

We think this is the edge we have against Gutenberg which (while a visual builder) is backend all throughout — and we’re excited to see how we can develop from that.

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