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Because building websites doesn’t have to be complicated

Frontly lets you create websites on true frontend, with real-time quality results. This way, you don’t have to deal with unnecessary pop-ups and tricky navigation.

What do I get with Frontly?

Access lots of unique and customizable features that’s sure to make your site-building journey a breeze.

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Versatile and flexible

Frontly Builder lets you design your webpages exactly the way you want to.

Live text-editing, drag & drop elements, and shortcut keys

Adjustable rows, columns, divider & spacer elements

Add images, audio, and videos

Blank Page Template: design your site from scratch

Customizable icons and buttons

Basic pre-designed page heading, call-to-action section, table, team members section. Basic gallery and image box structures

Add forms, shortcodes, widgets, Google maps, HTML, sidebar, and embed

WooCommerce elements, products, categories, and add-to-cart